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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weight Loss – How to Effectively Lose Weight

If you have undergone a weight loss plan yet failed to lose weight, there must be something wrong from the methods that you used. This is commonly happening within the circle of those who wants to lose weight. They wonder why they could not keep up and fail miserably. The number one and most important key to losing weight is the calories. 

You must be thinking “I have been doing that for weeks yet there has been no improvement!” Everyone says that but are you sure you know what you are doing? Calories are energy in a form of food. When taken excessively, you gain weight. When taken less, the body takes energy from the fat stores. But you should know the proper amount of calories needed by your body in order to function well. The amount of calories needed by your body is determined by calculating your body’s BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate. 

Take for example the body needs 2000 calories per day. If you give it the exact amount, the body gets their energy to function from the calories you have taken in. When exceeded, like 3000, the 2000 is usually taken in while the extra 1000 is stored in fat, lying dormant. This is the process of gaining weight like how we see the people of the world today. When taken fewer calories like 1000, the body will need other sources to keep the body active. The other 1000 that is needed is taken from the fat that is stored inside the body. 

To calculate for your BMR:

For men – first multiply these separately: 6.8 x year of age, 12.7 x height (inches), and 6.23 x weight (pounds). Add all the results then add another 66 to it.

For women – first multiply these separately: 4.7 x year of age, 4.7 x height (inches), and 4.35 x weight (pounds). Add all the results then add another 655 to it. 

Once you have finished calculating your BMR, you will easily be able to plan out the kind of quick weight loss that you want. The quick way to plan out the necessary weight you want to lose is by multiplying your BMR by 7, which stands for the days per week. With the result of the weekly BMR, pick a specific fat in pounds that you want to lose within the week. Once decided with a number, multiply this by 3500 and then subtract this to the amount of calories you want to burn. This will surely make you lose weight if you stick to it.